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St Theresa's RC Primary School

Year 4 and Year 5 Visit to Tropical World

On Thursday 17th November 2022 Year 4 and Year 5 went to Tropical World in Roundhay Park Leeds. Even though we went together on this trip the children took part in different workshops to enhance their learning in school. 

Year 4 - Zoologist Session 

Year 4 took part in a workshop in the morning session learning some of the skills of a zoologist. They became mini zoologists learning  how to group animals according to their characteristics. They spent their session looking at the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates . The children worked in groups classifying and exploring the different characteristics of them. 

Another area the children focused on in their workshop was how the vertebrates and invertebrates have adapted over time. 

The children were so enthusiastic and really impressed the staff leading the workshop to. 

In the afternoon session,  Year 4 visited the Tropical butterfly house and came face to face with some incredible animals. They walked through different areas and even enjoyed watching the mischievous Meerkats. 

Take a look through the photos below of our experience. 



Year 5 

Year 5 had a great time exploring Tropical World where we went on a walk through the different layers of the rainforest. The children took most of the following photographs as they noticed different things on our journey. They can face to face with butterflies, tropical birds,  piranhas, snakes, hissing cockroaches, huge fish and even meerkats to. 

Year 5 Tropical World Part 1 Nov 2022


Rainforest session

During the afternoon workshop Year 5  learnt about the animals, plants and resources of the rainforest and compared these to a native forest. They were amazing and really enjoyed exploring the different layers of the rainforest and the animals that lived there.