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St Theresa's RC Primary School

Pupil Chaplains


Pupil Chaplain Led Prayer and Liturgy



Our GIFT Chaplains meet every Friday after school to:

  • pray together and ask for God’s support in guiding them to do their important work
  • Plan our ‘Prayer and Liturgy session within the Liturgical assembly for the following Monday
  • Plan Prayer and Liturgy sessions for whole classes ( for example during the month of October)
  • Plan lunchtime Prayer and Liturgy sessions for children who would like to attend a prayer and Liturgy session voluntarily
  • Plan our ‘Chaplain’s Broadcasts’ for the following week
  • Check ‘Prayer Stations’ are up to date in three areas of school
  • Increase their own knowledge of scripture and prayer.


The  GIFT Chaplains work extremely hard to lead the Faith Life within the school and are rewarded at the end of each term with a party to thank them for their commitment and dedication to the role.


Our Chaplains are easily identifiable around school as they wear a purple tie. They lead Prayer and Liturgy at school masses and Prayer and Liturgy sessions on a rotating class basis at lunchtimes.


If you would like more information please speak to one of our pupil Chaplains.


The Pupil Chaplains leading our Harvest Celebration in School.