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St Theresa's RC Primary School

Welcome to Year 3. Your class teacher is Miss Evans and Mrs Roberts is our teaching assistant. 

Below you will find some important and useful information about Year 3.

Year 3 Key Information

School starts at 8:50am. 

As soon as children come into class our work begins so please make sure they arrive on time then they do not miss out on valuable learning time.

Year 3 have PE on Wednesday afternoon. Please make sure your child has a PE kit in school which consists of a white top, black shorts and black pumps.


We give out homework every Friday and ask for homework to be returned to school for the following Tuesday. Your child will be given a piece of English and Mathematics homework and spellings to practice each week. 


It is an expectation that children are listened to when reading at home. Please try and listen to your child read at least three times a week. Your child's reading record will be checked to ensure they are reading at home. Please sign and fill out the comment box in your child's yellow reading record to show they have been reading at home. 

We also have a range of online books children can read - Reading books online (Oxford Owl)

  • login - red9
  • Password - read1

Click the link below to find out about reading at St Theresa's. The document tells you how we teach reading in our school and how you can support at home.


Below is the Year 3/4 common exception words. We expect your child to be able to read and spell each word by the end of Year 4. Please practice reading and writing these words with your child at home.


Year 3 Curriculum  

Please take a look at our Core and Non - Core subject webs to see what your child is learning this Spring term across the curriculum.




So far in year 3 we have read Stone Age boy and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Please see our Core Subject Web for more information.

There are some lovely books that you could read online in the link below:


There is also a “things to do indoors” section on the official Roald Dahl website.


BBC bitesize offer a wide range of activities & games to support with spelling, grammar and punctuation. 


We have looked at using inverted comma's, comma's after a fronted adverbial and subordinate clauses. The website below offers great, simple definitions of primary grammar terminology that your child may learn this year.



In Autumn term we covered: place value and addition and subtraction within 1000. We have been practicing our formal written methods for both addition and subtraction.


For the rest of Spring and Summer term we should have been learning about: fractions, time, properties of shape and mass & capacity. In the link above you will find the work for these topics. 

White Rose maths hub will also be delivering resources for home learning week by week. Find these resources here:


Top Marks Maths website have some fantastic games available – remember that you need to practise your times tables as much as you can and games are a great way to do this.


TT Rockstars

All children have been given a personalised login for Timestable's Rockstar please ensure they practise at least 3 times a week at home. in Year 3 they need to be secure with x2  x5  x10 x3 x4 and x 8.



In Autumn term we covered “Animals including humans”, especially focusing on different types of skeletons, muscles and diet/nutrition. We are now learning about "Forces and Magnets". Our next topic will be "rocks".  Below are some useful links to help you support your children's learning at home.  Please look at our knowledge mats to find more information about each topic. 






In Summer term we will be learning about "Plants" and "Light". Please follow the links below to find out more information about these topics.



This link below is great for Science quizzes to test your subject knowledge.



In Autumn term we learnt about the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. In the Spring term we have been learning about the Iron Age. Follow these links below to find out more about Prehistoric Britain!






This website here has some great activity ideas that you and your child could do at home together.

Take a look at our knowledge mats for History to see what facts your child will be learning and the key vocabulary we will use over these topics.





In Autumn term we look at countries all over the world. We explored a different country from each continent and explored their physical and human features, famous landmarks, capital cities and what each country is like. We looked at how we use maps to help us explore places and used 8 figure compass points, 6 grid references and digital maps to help us find out more about our Planet. Use these links to find out more!




In Spring term we are now looking at the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. We will be exploring the difference between Great Britain, the UK and Northern Ireland and the British Isles. We will be comparing two UK regions and exploring the physical and human features. 

Look at out knowledge mats below to find out about the facts your child will be learning and which key vocabulary your child will learn each topic.




In Art this half term we have been looking at the elements of art. We have learnt how to shade and tone to make objects appear more 3 - D. We have practiced sketching 3 - D shapes and objects and recognising the 2 - D shapes in objects to support us in drawing objects. Take a look at our knowledge mat below to find out what your child has been learning this half term and which key vocabulary they need to learn for this topic. 


Design and Technology 

In Design and Technology this half term we will be looking at constructing castles. We will start to look at the features of castles before moving onto designing and then building our own castles. We are asking for children to bring in cardboard boxes of variety shapes and sizes over the next few weeks so that we can construct our 3 - D castles. Click the link below to view the knowledge mat to find out more about this topic and the vocabulary your child needs to know for this topic.


PSHE and Wellbeing

Each half term we participate in "Wellbeing Wednesday" the children will enjoy a different session dedicated to helping improve their mental health and wellbeing. So far the children have enjoyed: Archery, Druhm (a form of exericse using drums and music), a visit from the Pantomime and relax kids. Each half term the children will have a lesson within class dedicated to supporting their wellbeing. So far in Year 3 we have looked at:

Wonderful me! - Who am I?

People around me: Communication.

Meaning and purpose - My superpowers.

Resilience - Breaking down barriers.


In PSHE so far we have focused on Citizenship, focusing on the rights and responsibilities of a child, charity work, recycling and democracy.

Our current topic is Family and relationships, we will be looking at friendship conflict, healthy relationships, effective communication and recognising and respecting differences in others.