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St Theresa's RC Primary School


Senior Leadership Team

Primary Role Name  Other Roles
Executive Headteacher Mrs H. Williamson Safeguarding
Head of School Mrs L. McCombe


RE Lead


Early Years Foundation Stage Lead Mr R. Hawkins

Reception Class Teacher

Assessment Lead

SENCO Miss S. Kershaw


Year One Class Teacher


Key Stage One Lead Ms. N. F

Year Two Class  Teacher

English Lead

History/Geography Lead

Key Stage Two Lead Miss L. Deighan

Year Six Class Teacher

Mathematics Lead

French Lead

School Business Manager

Mrs M. Dawson


Teaching Staff

Early Years Foundation Stage

(Nursery & Reception)


Miss A Isherwood: Nursery Class Teacher

Mr R Hawkins: Reception Class Teacher

Mrs K Hughes: Teaching Assistant in Reception

Miss A Lacy: Teaching Assistant in Nursery

Mrs  J Dawes: Teaching Assistant in Reception & Nursery

Key Stage One

(Year One and Year Two)

Miss S Kershaw:  Year One Class Teacher

Ms N. F:  Year Two Class Teacher

Miss C. Chapman: Teaching Assistant in Year One

Mrs L Gailbraith: Teaching Assistant in Year Two

Lower Key Stage Two

(Year Three and Year Four)

Miss P Evans:    Year Three Class Teacher

Mrs W Scallan;   Year Four Class Teacher

Mrs S  Roberts:  Teaching Assistant in Year Three

Mrs L Worthington: Teaching Assistant in Year Four

Upper Key Stage Two

(Year Five and Year Six)

Miss I Collins:  Year Five Class Teacher

Miss L Deighan;  Year Six Class Teacher

Mrs A McDaid: Teaching Assistant in Year Five

Mrs P Kenny: Teaching Assistant in Year Six

Mrs S Howarth: SEND Teaching Assistant in Year Five

Learning Support Staff

Office Staff

Mrs M Dawson: Business and Finance Manager 

Miss A. Matthews: Administrator


Mr A  Scorer: Site Manager

Mr L Cartwright: Cleaner 

Before and After School Club (Smiles)

Mrs T Hawkins: Manager

Miss C Combs: Support worker

Midday Supervisors

Mrs T Hawkins: Midday Team Leader 

Mrs S Howarth

Mrs S Roberts 

Miss C Combs

Miss V Roberts

Miss D Wilkinson

Kitchen Staff

Mrs S Taylor

Mrs V Berry

Mrs I Odeh

Peripatetic Music Staff

Mr S Marshall